Tanyalah hati dulu sebelum menulis. Ingatlah, apa yang kita tulis itu bakal menjadi saksi di akhirat kelak, kerana di sana kita akan dinilai di hadapan Allah mengenai apa yang kita tulis itu.



Wednesday, February 01, 2012

1212 = 1 February 2012

Nothing much to say today - i'm fasting today - i'm a year older today - today is a public holiday - but today i went for an interview - and today is wordless Wednesday !

May i be wiser, healthier, cuter and surrounded by my lovely family and friends everyday.
May i be thankful with what i have everyday and try to be a better person each day and stay forever vogue.
-copy paste from my older friend and she is older than me only one day -

1. No turning back! InsyaAllah
2. Semoga mendapat keputusan yang positif.
3. Amin3x
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